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Manage the Cost, Cash Flow, and Risk of your Defined Benefit Pension Plan

Are you frustrated with the complexity, surprises, volatility, cost and cash needs of your pension plan?

If you are the CFO or the top financial professional at your organization and you are ‘stuck’ with a legacy Defined Benefit Pension Plan:

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We have been in your shoes

Pension CFO sees the problem from YOUR chair – a holistic view of the financial impacts caused by the plan.

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We have experience and specialized training in managing DB plans

(As a part of managing an entire company balance sheet). Pension CFO simplifies everything down to a few essential decision points.

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Pension CFO helps your plan integrate with your company’s overall goals.

With us, you will have confidence that you are minimizing surprises, volatility and costs of your DB plan – with an easy-to-understand (and explain to your board) strategy.

Let Us Help Now

Many small to mid-sized organizations lack the resources and specialized investment knowledge needed to successfully manage the complex risks and liabilities of their defined benefit pension plans. At Pension CFO, we help CFOs simplify complicated issues so they can:


  • Understand the ‘big levers’ in managing their plans
  • Make appropriate decisions about funding
  • Successfully manage plan risk and volatility.

Step 1

Pension CFO starts with an analysis of:

  • Company financial statements
  • Investment policy
  • Investment account statements
  • The actuary’s report
  • Plan audit and the plan documents themselves

Step 2

Pension CFO then adds: Information and data from step one.

  • Discussions with management regarding overall corporate goals
  • Create a high level, easy to understand strategy

Step 3

Pension CFO works with the company’s CFO to provide him/her with the tools they need.

  • Clearly understand and communicate the strategy
  • Monitor the progress of strategy implementation

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