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About Pension CFO

Integrity is the standard we live by:

  • Integrity of Behavior – Do the right thing – even when no one is looking
  • Integrity of Principles – Be moral, ethical, and fair
  • Integrity of Process – Every action is consistent with the overall strategy
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We adhere to the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

We adhere to the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

These standards are how Pension CFO gains and keeps the confidence of our clients. We recognize that trust is only possible when our values and behavior consistently reflect these standards. Pension CFO puts you first.

Pension CFO works with companies that have old-style Defined Benefit Pension plans. Typically, our clients are small to medium size companies, both public and private, who offered pensions to their employees in the past. Companies who made this honorable agreement with their employees are now struggling with the complexity, uncertainty, risk, and cost of these obligations. The year-end actuarial report can have a significant financial impact on the company by requiring large unexpected changes on the balance sheet and requiring additional funds to be paid into the plan to meet legal obligations.

Overseeing financial operations, including analyzing company financial strength and weakness, is why Pension CFO works directly with our client CFO to create a plan that will mitigate the actuarial requirements of funding the pension plan while stabilizing corporate profitability.

Sloan Kimball, CFA, Managing Partner

Sloan’s professional career includes managing large investment portfolios, including pension plan funds. He started a commercial bank, serving as it’s CFO, as well as serving on the board. He also became CFO for a large farmers co-op and has served as a consulting CFO for a variety of businesses in many industries.

Raised on a large wheat farm in eastern Washington, Sloan experienced firsthand the value of hard work. He learned that it doesn’t matter ‘who you are’ – when something needs to get done, you dig in, get your hands dirty and do it.

With a strong academic background, including a BA and MBA, Sloan rounded out his academic career by earning the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation. He has also been an adjunct professor of finance, international finance, accounting, and risk management.

Sloan truly relishes the role of dad to three boys, each with diverse interests. This role taught him the value of unique points of view, interests, and needs. Seeing each of his boys as successful young adults is a wonderful gift.

Sailing is a lifelong passion, where the value of having long-term goals tempered by the need to continuously adjust tactics becomes a successful strategy. You cannot control the wind or weather, but you can adjust the sails and your course on the journey.