Why Pension CFO

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What makes Pension CFO the Gold Standard in Defined Benefit Pension Plan Risk Management?

What makes Pension CFO different from the rest of the pack?


Pension CFO is built on a rich heritage of financial acumen earned in the banking, investment and CFO worlds. Our experience and skillset have been earned by successful, hands-on financial management in each of these key areas.

In addition, our defined benefit plan investment expertise has been honed through the additional application of industry skillset knowledge and best practices. Chief financial officers benefit from our specialized expertise and commitment to helping them manage the complexity, volatility and risk associated with traditional defined benefit pension plans.


Here’s how it works, and the immediate and long-term benefits that the client gains.


Experience a personalized and professional engagement without the hassle. Pension CFO works only with a select number of exclusive clients at a time, so you get the individualized care and attention your organization deserves and needs.

Leverage Pension CFO’s expertise to help you take the lead on evaluating  and recommending plan  investment alternatives to  your organization’s leaders and Board of Directors. Gain critical insights that will help you optimize  risk/return  of the plan as it relates to the goals of your organization.

Know what you are facing for year-end pension liability and funding requirements

Get a handle on your true costs and the risks associated with your DB plan. Now is the time to become proactive.

Pension CFO helps financial officers identify and address urgent defined benefit plan investment issues before these escalate into problems that create larger financial risks for the company.

Address urgent investment issues proactively

You still have time to prepare for year end.

Pension CFO helps clients navigate the complexities of managing a DB plan by identifying and simplifying the important plan decisions that impact their organization’s financial well-being.

Evaluate your DB investment strategy

Assess how well your defined benefit pension plan investment strategy fits into your organization’s overall financial structure and strategies.

Gain clarity to make optimal choices about your plan’s risk/tradeoff spectrum

Evaluate how your defined benefit pension plan investment strategy fits into your organization’s overall financial structure and strategies.

Understand your plan’s true costs and risks

Understand the ‘big levers’ in managing your DB pension plan.

Cut through the mountain of DB pension plan information and focus on the “numbers that matter.”

Be prepared for short-term and future obligations and challenges

Gain specialized DB pension plan knowledge and skills through Pension CFO’s educational and coaching services to help you and your organization’s leaders make informed investment decisions that meet your financial obligations and goals.

Start your preparations now for adjusting your plan and balancing your year-end financials.

Pension CFO’s holistic approach simplifies the complex through the integrated approach to three critical areas. Proper integration of forecasting, risk/return management, and fiduciary responsibility determines your success.

Pension CFO Defined Benefit Pension Plan Management

CFO background and experience.

  • Defined benefit pension plan advisors must keep the long-term vision, goals, and strategies of your organization as the basis of your defined benefit plan strategy and implementation.
  • Our investment advisors offer a “higher-level view” for a more strategic perspective than other more niche-specific investment group advisors.
Pension CFO Defined Benefit Pension Plan Management

Professional training and experience as an institutional investment advisor.

  • Pension CFO advisors have undergone the rigorous CFA® training and certification process.
  • We have the skillsets to provide sound recommendations specific to the unique requirements of defined benefit pension plans.
Pension CFO Defined Benefit Pension Plan Management

Expertise in Liability Driven Investing (LDI).


  • Your Pension CFO advisor’s capabilities must include extensive and thorough experience and skills in asset and liability management to achieve the optimal risk/return balance for your plan.
  • Pension CFO advisors have the expertise to hone in on the critical investment “levers” that provide maximum investment impact.